Laughing News, Breaking Update, 9/13/12

Keeping track of everything is hard.

We know here at Laughing News how busy you are and how hard it is to keep up with all the great jokes and wisdom shared here at Laughing at Life 2 so we want to help you.  A lot of funny stuff has happened here you need to check out.  First lets talk about the newest 'Last to the Party'. The Siri Argument video is hilarious and you should click this link now and go watch it.  Another recent comedy goldmine here is Laughing News vol4 with great hilarious news for you so click here for that.  We have also done many great tribute pieces and articles like, Joe Motherfing Pesci Y'all, NEWS FLASH - Tiger Woods is just a man, plus great pieces on Howard Stern and my hero in comedy Bill Hicks.

Women don't need us.  That's really scary cuz we do need them. 
Laughing at Life 2 loves women and we show it with great jokes dedicated to the girls.  Our tribute piece to females, Let the panties hit the floor shows this love.  We also try to educate our readers with our informative piece, Strong, Hard Wiener - You gotta give her enough.  We even emphasize the dangers in our piece on Female Orgasm Equipment which is important because guys, we are replaceable.  And, let us not forget, our beautiful piece against breast cancer Me, On Breasts.

I can only imagine how hot this picture would be if I was gay.
I'm sorry but this pic is funny.  We have a lot of good d*ck jokes here at Laughing at Life 2 as well.  A super funny penis joke is Our joke about Penis Piercing, then there is also another hilarious piece on a two guy threesome called Too Many Wieners.  We have a great piece on self love entitled Beat It you should read for laughs because, lets face it, Sex is harder for guys.  But if you just want a nice solid funny gay joke read Gay Dad, it's adorable.
This has been your latest Breaking Update.  Thanks for stopping by.

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