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New Additions to L@L, 2

     We have MANY new additions to our great blog.  We've added 50 facts to our amazing 'Chuck Norris Facts' page.  All true, and hilarious, and all there just for you, our reader, to read, and laugh at.  Also, you won't believe this but, our 'Laughing Jokes' page has grown too.  I don't know exactly how much but it's a lot.  It now has so many funny jokes that it's definitely a big boy now.  We also have a terrific new page to help get you some action with the opposite sex, check our new 'Pick Up Lines' page.  Check them out or Shawn wasted all that damn time for nothing and that would be tragic.  I mean, he just tries so hard you know?

Great original new posts from L@L, 2 you might have missed...

     'Put a thong on your strong' was an important piece here at your comedy source because of how important being kinky in bed can be to achieving a quality orgasm.  We are here to help you know.  You should check it out right away.  Another community service piece we had recently was 'Arguing with a woman'.  It contained a lot of very helpful tips on how to argue with a woman, none of which will help you win an argument with a woman, but at least it was informative.  We also had a recent piece on sexual performance that could help anyone of either sex entitled 'The motion of the ocean'.  And finally, we had a very special moment that would make my high school English teacher very happy.  Our very first comedy poem 'Be honest about your strong' debuted and it rhymes and everything.  Check these out now and if you don't learn something at least you'll laugh.  What more could you ask for?

Strange recent events at L2L, 2...

     Something very strange indeed happened here recently.  You might even call it a phenomenon.  People started commenting.  I know right?  Shawn almost peed his brand new Levi's when it first happened.  Now he just smiles and replies.  He has wanted someone to talk ever since he started posting his silly jokes here for y'all.  He's so happy, it's really quite cute.  If y'all start sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter too his face might just freeze in a permanent smile so do it OK.  I mean the guys got like nothing else going on you know?

Thanks for getting your Laughing at Life, 2 comedy news from Laughing News here at Laughing at Life, 2 with us today.  Now, go read more jokes and laugh.  We have stuff to do.  Illegal, top secret, news type stuff...Go!

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