Strong, hard, Weiner. You gotta give her enough..,

If you video game guys really just don’t want to satisfy your women in bed like she wants and needs you too, that’s fine but listen up and trust me when I say that right now there's a guy out there somewhere already just waiting to give her his bigger thicker c*ck whenever she really needs or even wants it.
I'm exaggerating a little of course but some of these girls actually really do like sex, mine does, she loves my wiener.
So all I'm saying is that whenever you notice her getting too horny. Get in there and slide some good wiener in strong and give her the good strokes, hard, and balls deep, every time...

Properly banging your housewife can be very rewarding but a challenge to master. Everyone of us is mostly self taught at sex. I know for sure that my Pop's never taught me technique. No one helped me at all with puberty and sex. My Pop's never gave me a single sex tip or special move or even pass on a secret stroke not even my first condom.

I learned how to work my wiener completely on my own. From the time my very first pubes showed up. I explored calmly when he first got strong and hard. I carefully felt the situation out really good trying to learn all that I Could

The first time I came while playing with it, I had absolutely no
idea what had just happened or what that gooey stuff even was. School taught you the bird's and bee's, but just the basics. No one taught how to really use it right or showed you technique. Not one person ever told me anything useful, all you could do was practice..,

and so, began your training.


I'm kidding, but seriously there should at least be training available to you. Maybe a 2nd yr health class with a focus on rhythm and stroke technique or even a sex summer camp. I always have wished I was more of a skilled cocks man, she will go find someone else to fk her if you wont do it.
So, my advice is that whenever you
start to see that your girl is getting a little horny and may be wanting some, just pause your game, go over there and kiss on her and see if she needs that good strong one like she wants, and how she likes it, "Basically my rule is If I even think she may be wanting sex, I go ahead and try to bang her just as soon as I can." Scientist, Dr. Lavernel Jackson from Harvard said today.
This reporter agrees
"It's simple really," Dr. Jackson wrote, "If I think I see that she needs sex, I give her good wiener, strong, and balls deep."

I promise you that even the very sweetest and most adorable little cutie pie angel ever finally comes along and you love her and she loves you back so y'all get married and start making some babies. Just try to keep giving her the good strong wiener she needs and don't forget that sometimes she just really needs it bad, and just craves it hard, strong and from behind. Even that sweet little innocent cutie will go find herself a hard stray wiener for her vagina's cravings.

Our main problem is having six damn kids. All six of them are sometimes a bunch of little jerks, like most times, and all six of those ruthless juvenile delinquents could pick our bedroom door super easy and did often.

She'll want it strong but I'll be too scared that one of the rude little bastard kids would barge in and see us. But I realized I had to get her banged right, really soon so I was gonna have to get a decent bedroom door lock. One that I felt safe to lock and bend her over the bed and bang her good and strong, hard like she needs it.
So be careful when a hot new game comes out or anything distracting that can make you forget about things like properly nailing your wife regularly.
I know it’s news to some guys but women are sexual and even got horny and want a strong wiener in them.
So pause your game, and go take a few minutes to kiss her awhile maybe suck a titty and nipple or two. And if she needs it, fill her up by sliding your good hard wiener inside and go balls deep, strong.


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