Be Honest About Your Strong

Don't lie about your strong
If you ever do, it's wrong
So if your strong's not strong
Don't tell her it is strong
Always be honest about your strong
Say it's short if it's not long
With the truth you can't go wrong
Plus the long ones aren't all strong
Being long don't make you strong
It's your stroke that gives the strong
Hell, mines short but hella strong
Plus, you can't hide it all night long
During sex she'll see your dong
So you should never lie or say it's long
Because in the end she'll prove you wrong
So be happy with your strong
And wrap it in a thong.

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  1. OMG! Very funny. My favorite part was the 'Wrap it in a thong'...Great poem!

    1. Thanks, it was my first comedy poem so it means a lot that someone liked it. Thanks for stopping by... Come back soon and laugh!


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