Who is Shawn Yankey?

     By now your probably asking yourself, just who the fk is Shawn Yankey anyway and, why should I even care who he is?  Well, those are both great questions so we will take them one at a time...
     1st - Shawn Yankey is a comedian/writer from mid Missouri who had too many kids and had to stop touring for awhile.  Now he writes his silly little jokes and shares them with you here to keep his sanity because he misses performing live a WHOLE lot.  Seriously, its like all he fkn talks about.  It's annoying really.  Any way's that's about it as far as who he is.  Now, for why should you care who Shawn Yankey is...honestly, you shouldn't really care.  You don't know him so why would it matter?  So, the answer to that question is simple, it wouldn't matter at all.
     It's free funny, who the hell really cares who wrote it and spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time putting it all together for thousands of strangers for no money?  Nobody, that's who.  I mean seriously, it's not like he's fkn famous or rich so, who even gives a sh*t?  Well, you do I guess, I mean, you did click on this page.
     Any who, I hope this has answered both of your questions sufficiently about who Shawn Yankey is and why you should even care, and also I really hope I spelled sufficiently right because that word is like redonculously huge.  If I didn't spell it right it doesn't really matter though anyway because Shawn isn't paying me anything to write this bio because that dude is fkn beyond broke.  He's cute though, I mean, just look at that smiling, big headed fkr.  Damn, that sure is a huge ass melon.  
     Bye for now, go read a joke or three or even six.  Why not right, they are free after all.

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  1. Quit being mean to my babies and just do your unpaid job!

  2. I just googled my name shawn yankey and you came up no reason but kind of cool


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