Big Butts

     I like big butts, and like Sir Mix-a-Lot, and George Washington before him, I also cannot lie.  The lying parts similarity was for George.  I'm not sure if he liked big butts but I know he supposedly could not lie so, if he did, he'd tell you.  Now, Sir Mix-a-Lot, was pretty clear about the fact that he did.
     Like Sir, when a girl walks in with a little bitty waist and that round thing in your face, I also get sprung.  Also like Sir, I disagree with Cosmo's beauty image completely.  Those girls look hungry.  They don't look like they could handle my strong.  You could knock them girls over with a feather.
     I need a girl who 1, has an ass I can really get a hold of and, 2 can support my weight.  The last thing I need when I'm putting in my grind work in is to shatter her ribs with my big ass.  Plus, them skinny b*tches look like they'd probably get tired on you really quick.  That is, unless coke was involved but, even then, they'd still need to be on top.

     I'm not saying models aren't pretty.  They are girls, a lot of girls are pretty, they just don't look healthy.  I don't find the anorexic look a turn on at all, hell, I just want to feed those girls.  They just look like pretty girls that need to eat right away.  Go get them a damn sandwich before they fkn pass out or, a strong wind blows by!
     Now, don't get me wrong, they are very pretty, but why in the hell do they play these Hollywood and advertising peoples games?  Girls, guy's actually do like, and most prefer, thick/healthy looking girls.  Trust me on this, it ain't just me and Sir Mix-a-Lot, so go ahead and eat ladies.  They'll still have to use you for magazines and movies if you ALL decide your going to eat what and how much you want from now on because you ARE ALL still very pretty. You have all the power, and your just letting them make you starve because they say you have to.  You don't.  We will still watch your movies, buy your calenders, and hound you for lovin',  so rise up together girls, and go hit up a Subway right now!

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