Laughing News, Breaking Update, 8/2/12

Chad Kroeger asked my kid sister at a party I made up in my mind why no one leaves any comments here at Laughing 2 or why no one 'likes' and shares the funny from Laughing at Life 2's amazing funny jokes with all their computer friends on Facebook or Twitter but yet Part 2 is also very popular and still gets so many hits each and every day?

She told him she didn't know but our best guess is y'all must be ashamed of us or something like that...

Anyway, heres some news that broke, for you, from us,

   Socks and Sex is a new joke here that has it all...It's cute, i'ts about sex, the pic is really cool. I love it and you will too click this link to laugh! Click this link now for Socks and Sex!  It's crazy how popular that Socks and Sex joke has gotten but I'm glad because it was always a favorite of mine.  You should read it, I think it might break 100 hits soon.  Another sweet post to check out unless you hate laughing is Sex is Harder For Guys. You should click here and read it Now! I would, it's redonkulously funny.

Prove us wrong and comment or even like and share...hell, go nuts.  It's your party...Another adorable joke we have here and our number 2 current all time favorite post is Penis Enlargement Pills. It's seriously clever and hilariously cute. Click here and laugh as you read it Now!  For even more suprisingly clean and tremendously clever sex jokes try Penis Piercing. It's cute and clever and about Penis Piercing so how could you go wrong? Click here and go laugh about Penis Piercings..,

Our Howard Stern tribute piece, Howard Stern - King of all media, and my future boss, is doing really well round here too though. Click here to read it right away as well.  Lots of people already have and you can too. 
I'm glad the piece on Howard is being seen by so many but, I always wished our Bill Hicks tribute piece would have taken off more. It still can if you click here and learn about stand-up comedy's best, Bill Hicks, now!!! 
Anyway's, remember, we love you guys here at Laughing 2 and hey, remember this 2 theres always more funny so don't leave and also remember to share the funny...you can even click here to head back to main page for more funny and even more laughs..,
If y'all are ashamed and can't share us it's OK...Y'all can still comment here to us.  Talk at us and tell us what your liking or anything like you saved a ton on car insurance,  your dog had puppies, whatever...seriously, long as your cool and not a racist douche or something we'd love to hear from you.  I mean of course we would your our readers.  We love you!

Click this link, for Questions my son asked, #1 which is Hilarious.
Also while your here check out these other great new jokes too...like, Beer Goggles, or Our expose on truckers and semi's out on the highway. Not a of themll, just the jerks. It's called, Big Rigs on the Highway - 18 wheels and 7 teeth of death, and don't miss our best Laughing At about Celebrities yet. Laughing At - Celebrities.  Click any of those you want to read and laugh at now too and you'll go there and laugh.  You should do it.  Why not you know?  I mean, free laughs is free laughs.
Either way...click these links to laugh or don't just remember, we love ya.  Let us know what your thinking, comment, like and share Laughing at Life 2.  Quit being so stingy with the funny.  That is everyone except my Google + people.  You guys rock!

Click the Sumo's for a Free, Funny, Fat joke right now!!!  Did you click 'Em?  Oh, you already read Button...funny stuff huh? 

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