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Today we’re Laughing At, Celebrities...,

     Smokey and the Bandit is an awesome flick.  If you ever want a chick to not sleep with you rent it and watch it with her.  She'll be drier than the Sahara.  
     But, Burt Reynolds is awesome in that flick, which got me to thinking...is Burt Reynolds the best actor ever or the worst?  You could argue it either way.  Any who...If you love Burt, and Smokey and the Bandit, and you hated this joke don't click this link because it will take you to a HILARIOUS piece on Nascar.

     Charlie Sheen, another candidate for worst actor of all time, is a douche bag.   
     That is just an obvious, crystal clear fact.  He's also rich and famous, good looking, charming, and let's not forget his biggest quality, this no talent douche is 'Winning!' his *ss off.
     So now who's the douche..? 
     Well, it's still Charlie but still, you can't deny that this bat sh*t crazy fkr is Winning!  For more on how Charlie's Winning! click here to read Charlie Sheen On Winning!

     Just look at the love in Robin's eyes as Batman modestly covers his cod piece and you just try to tell me with a straight face that their love isn't beautiful. 
     Batman is no doubt a great hero, not only to Gotham, but to everyone in the gay community, and also, of course, to nerds everywhere. 
     But, I think his life partner Robin is the bigger hero of their team.  Not only does Robin help Batman deal with the stress of all that crime fighting, but just look at that shameful little smile on Batman's face. 
     That smile comes from Robin's love.
     You see, it's Robin's love that really gets Batman through and for that Laughing at Life salutes you Robin.  Read more about Batman and Robin's special relationship by clicking this link right here... 

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