Laughing News, vol3

Laughing News vol3

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Today in the headlines..,

A local man went crazy from a flu injection at Walgreen's today in Louisville.  Police say the man has been released back into the care of his mother but has also went totally balls out nuts.  "He grabbed the really fat nurses butt with both hands and asked her to clean his kitchen" Officer Frank Brown told LN reporters.  "He totally did, with both hands." agreed Walgreen's nurse Bree Holden 23 of ridge park. "His eyes were crazy as shit the whole time too." she added.

Sunday a lot of players and coaches were upset by many on field calls by referee's in sports like in this picture because a lot of refs suck real bad says a new observation by college freshman Lyle Bendass.  "I noticed a bunch of times refs seemed not only stupid but blind too."  Bendass added.  LN studies showed similar results in every sport from the pro levels down to little league.  For more sports news click here to read Laughing At, Sports... 

Oprah is very upset all because Rosie loves Shawn's classic Oprah joke from his comedy blog Laughing at Life 2.  O'Donnell claims that she apologised to Oprah and even told the Queen of television she wished the joke wasn't so damn funny but it just really is.  "I told Oprah it was just clever and only a joke.  I didn't think she was really fat. It was just funny.., Shawn's funny"  Rosie then signed frustrated and added, "Look, it's cute, fire me."  Oprah did.  Click here to read the joke that got Rosie fired...

The biggest criminal and traitor in the free world still roams free and 9/11 remains a cover-up to this day despite logic or good reason of any kind.  No one of power or authority seems concerned as of yet of this phenomenon though so fingers crossed on justice folks.., "It's gotta be coming right Mr. Reporter?" A young child asked our reporter on camera.  He only frowned and said he didn't know, and neither do we.

News on the go..,
- - Studies show Grateful Dead isn't as amazing without a ton a pot.
- - My wife and I cannot ever agree on what temperature our house should be so in other words I'm too hot!  More married quotes here...
- - This just in, Dee's Nuts.  Sex is harder for guys to learn more...
- - Some women need more wiener, read;  Strong, Hard, Wiener for more...

- - Stupidity is rampant in our society today and no one is safe. The decline of society is imminent.  However, in other news, reality TV has never been better or juicier.  

Celebrity News..,

Chad Kroeger spends most days thinking deep thoughts about how to further improve music and fish creating the soundtrack for every ones life. His delusions of grandeur seem limitless his mother claimed when asked about the estimated size of Kroeger's ego.  "I couldn't say" she finally settled on, "Big."

Chris Rock gets mad in public at times and this time he had a microphone. Rock is said to have really tore Oprah a new a hole on Saturday night at 'The Chuckle Farm in Massachusetts during a midnight show. One lady claimed Rock was kind of a jerk about it but it was still very funny. "The chick did have a fat ass just like he said and her weave was pretty obvious.  She probably was even a ho like he said too. Anyway I laughed so hard I peed even once she was crying" The snobby Blond Chuckle Farm customer and witness said. 

Aerosmith front man and complete sell-out Steven Tyler often reminisces about when he was cool and relevant and not a walking living charachteur of his former self.  He often comforts himself with money when these thoughts of doubt trouble him but source Say he will always kind of be a joke from now on.  Rich but still sad in way.  His daughter is totally hot though, both of them really.

Columns and Editorials..,

'Earl-Ray Knows', is a new column coming to Laughing News next month.  Send in your questions for Earl-Ray by commenting below and he'll answer them here in his column.

"I'm Becky and I'm getting a new column next month too so write me a question below but remember I keep it real and tell it like it is and I will smack the sh*t out of a b*tch."

Come back next month for more Laughing News and the 20th for Found or Overheard Jokes...thanks for coming to Laughing at Life for your Laughing News see ya next month!
Girls had told us they like mine shaved BTW...answer to question from issue 1.

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