Laughing News, Breaking Update, 7/27/12

Because honestly boys, most of you, have a lot to lean about Strong.  Trust me because you know how I am when I'm on Diet soda y'all.., 
I get way too honest and I just start to tell it like it is like a hood rat.
Oh, and by the way, if I offended you then don't click here. this link goes to our joke page, Laughing Jokes, and if I upset you, you'll still laugh but you'll be offended when you done.  The rest of y'all cool kids should click it right now unless your trying not to laugh.

The only cops that never feel like jerks to me are the love able fat ones.  Even the jerk douche ones are SO damn funny.  Okay so this cops not all that fat but he's still fat enough to be funny.  Plus, look at him, he's adorable...Fat cops are my favorite, read Fat Cops/Girthy Gunslingers, right now. Click here unless you hate laughing at funny fat cops. 
I hope you clicked and read that fat cop joke because, it's not only a great fat joke it makes fun of cops which is like, you know, always super funny. 
I got another funny fat joke bout Oprah too that's great just click right here for Harpo's Cakes

Why do women love cheesy romance novels? Who knows but if you click here we have a funny guess.   Did you click the link?  Why not?  Its funny and informative.
I actually think we've totally  figured this phenomenon out y'all.  And, in a smartass and sarcastic way.  The pics are even great.  Click it and tell me I'm wrong.  Or if your not gonna click on that I also highly recommend this Hilarious joke about chicks wearing their socks during sex. Cute sex joke, click here!

Did you read this months Laughing At? Click here right now to laugh at celebrities like Batman and Robin and Charlie Sheen.  You should click it and read it because its hilarious.  Plus, the Batman piece is not only super funny, it's also just such the sweetest damn love story too.   
Show your support for arguably stand-up comedy's best ever. Click here and read my tribute piece to my hero in comedy, Bill Hicks - Comedy Legend, Comic Genius, and spread the word on Bill by sharing it with all your favorite Internet friends.  Click and share that Hicks piece for Bill.  He was the best and had so much more to say.  The message he did get to leave though is one that should be spread.

Breaking News just coming in...I love you guys!  Share my stuff with those you love to help them laugh.  Because, lets face it, even ugly people look better when they smile.  So quit hogging the funny and share!

This has been a Laughing News, Breaking Update for 7/27/12 stuffed with up to the minute and crucial to your day jokes.

Bye, 4 now...

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