Laughing News, Breaking Update, 9/28/12

It's very clear that we love us some white trash here at Laughing at Life 2.  They're just endlessly entertaining.  Even if your not white trash though Being White Is Hard.  If you don't think so click that link and find out how wrong you are.  Money's tight so here is a Budget Sex Game for you from us.  Enjoy.  Even though our economy is busted we as a people are still growing in girth.  Click here to find out How Fat Are We Going To Get.  Or check out our latest one Mullets, Bumper Stickers and Fat Chicks in Tight Clothes, about Hicks and just plain old Stupid People.  Plus don't forget these Laughing at Life 2 favorites...Hicks Are Scary, and another favorite, Nascar, The Sport of Trash

Women are another thing we love here but, who doesn't?  Women are amazing.  They're beautiful, they drive you wild, and they make you crazy.  They're nuts but, I love 'Em.  Read our latest piece, Girls Love Drama, or the other great jokes from Laughing at Life 2 like, Harpo's Cakes, It Says 'Juicy' on YOUR Butt?, When Will Women Listen, and Fat Cheating Whore.  Plus my favorite, Strong, Hard Wiener - You Gotta Give Her Enough

Mostly we here at Laughing at Life 2 love our readers!  Thanks for helping us reach my first goal of 10,000 hits!  I couldn't have done it without your support! Thank you!!!  Make sure to check out these other great classics...Evil Ex Wife, Headaches and Hard-On's, Our funny video posts, Last to the Party, Our monthly joke piece, Found or Overheard Jokes, and also our comedy news, Laughing News.  Thanks again for visiting, I hope we made you laugh.  Share us, comment,  and come back soon!

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