Put a Thong on Your Strong,

My number one rule with sex and love is simple, when it comes to loving someone, or even yourself, if it feels good do it.  Do it all, do it often, and do it well.

Sex feels good and It's fun to be kinky.

     I mean, just how uptight do you have to be to keep yourself from doing something that makes you feel AMAZING for whatever stupid reason?  I say, do what you want.  And, you know what, FK whoever that doesn't like what your doing.  Not only doesn't it matter at all what they think but, their opinion isn't even slightly important.  It's your life and, you only get one, so live it.

     I honestly believe that.  Freedom in sex is crucial.  That is, if you want to experience heaven on this earth.  I thought just regular plain old sex was great.  But, open minded, sexually free, wild sex is definitely where it's at.

     Have you ever had sex that was so good you black-out?  I have.  It's just as awesome as you'd think.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was the fifth time with my wife that I had my first out of body sexual experience.  Let's put it this way, if pre-marital sex comes up with Jesus I'm going to have a hard time explaining that night.  I was stoned from it for like till I went to sleep and I lived far away from her house.  I don't really even remember driving home honestly I was so stoned off that sex.

     That's what it's all about people.  If it feels good, do it.  If your in love do it often.  Actually, stop reading this and go do it right now if you can.  What can be more important than the ecstasy awaiting you once you stop reading this dribble and go get freaky with your lover and really get it on.  Hell, make up a safe word before you start and just go wild till you hear it.  If you can try to blackout.  It's so intense when you black out. Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Go, Now, Hard and Strong!

-- More Great Laughs from Laughing at Life 2,
     -- The Vagina Trap


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  2. That kind of loven...i think is once in a lifetime! So if u have that kind of chemistry and love..never let go of it!


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