Laughing News, Breaking Update, 11/14/12

 American's love food so, we're fat.  But just How Fat Are We Going To Get?  Click that link to find out or click on Fat Athletes to read our tribute to sports fat folks can excel at.  For more on embarrasing things that can happen when your fat check out Busted Button.  Another great fat people joke to check out here is Fat Cops.

 This guy sure does love Jeff Gordon.  Read our piece on NASCAR, NASCAR; the sport of trash, right here.  Or check out these great pieces Dog the Bounty Hunter; White Trash Perfection, or Hicks Are Scary.

Do you like the Villiage People?  Then you'll love to Volley Nude Withe The "Iceman".   You may also like Too Many Wieners.  And I know you'll love my piece on my Gay Dad.  And remember gay folks can be hero's too because Batman's Gay.

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