Fat Athletes

     Bowling, Golf, Wrestling or basically any other "sport" that you can be fat and still play at the same level as everyone else if not better than them are my favorite to watch and are also fantastic and inspiring and sadly slowly dying. These fat friendly sports are suffering and need more support than they get from us the sport viewing public. We need to support these important fat sports because think of how beautiful and inspiring it is to our over-abundance of overweight little children that our society not only actually accepts these games that you can play well while fat as true sports but that the husky players that play them are considered real athletes too. That to me as a former fat kid from the husky section was amazing. It gave me attainable goals. I score the fat sports phenomenon as a huge victory for fat people, one that is important and endangered and needing our protection.     It's just really nice to have competitive events in which us fat people can not only do well at but also not be so damn easily counted out in. In most sports the out of shape fat players are automatically seen as the weak ones and our lack of cardio and wealth of slowness are used against us by the strong and in shape players. In fat friendly sports the fat players are not instantly the weakest and worst players. In fat friendly sports the fatty could be really good and quite possibly even whip a little ass. We chubby folks need these sports because we don't have a whole lot of games we can play or heavy athletes we can look up to and admire. Speaking as a former sad little fat kid I would have loved to have had a poster of a kick-ass chubby bowler celebrating after winning a big tournament. Who knows, it might have helped me have more self esteem or maybe even just deal with the whole "husky" pants thing a little better than I did.

     I love fat friendly sports because I love seeing fat people kick a little thin people ass. Healthy people are just so damn arrogant and most of their lives are already so great so, It's really fun to watch them get knocked down a peg or three. So support fat friendly sports so those chubby winners can go win the trophies deserve while inspiring the fat children we raise.     

I say who cares if fat sports don't involve running? Fat sports still kick a whole lot of ass!

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