Laughing News, Breaking Update, 8/20/12

Tyler realized at an early age that the world was full of A-Holes

I agree with Tyler, people suck.  Here are a few great hilarious examples of important jokes you can read to learn more.  Click here for our expose on A-Hole drivers, 'Drive it like you stole it'., Also click this link to read, 'Monumental Lies vol1', a hilarious piece on the lie that communication is the key to a happy relationship., You can also and should also read these two hilariously informative pieces on marriage, 'Fat Cheating Whore', and 'Evil Ex-Wife'

It's hard to see past all the tacky white trash but there is actually a cool gun in this picture.  Also just past the skank you'll see what seems to be two hicks and one is clearly holding the main ingredient in the hillbilly diet, cheap beer.  If you want to avoid rolling over and seeing a 'girl' like this in your very own bed click here to read our expose on the dangers of 'Beer Goggles'.  For even more hilarious information on hicks read these other important pieces, First we have our diffinitive piece on hicks, 'Hicks are Scary' right here, then you should also check out this great piece on their favorvite "sport", Nascar, the sport of trash' by clicking this link, Plus theres even this great redneck piece, 'Big rigs on the highway - 18 wheels and 7 teeth. 

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The biggest mistake men have made is letting women know how much power they have over us.  It was hard not to though because they are juat so damn awesome.  I love women and always have and if you do too read these funny but true pieces on the fairer sex - 'Let the panties hit the floor', and also check out, this great true joke about how women have all the best tools for masturbation, 'Female Orgasm Equipment'.

This has been your Breaking News.  Your welcome.
For this months other comedy news read Laughing News, vol4 

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