Last to the Party episode 8

Last to the Party,
episode 8

“Welcome to ‘Last to the Party', where I share the funny videos I’m just finding out about with all of you out there  who are as un-cool as I am… If you’re not as un-cool as me and you’re seeing this just be cool about it.  Laugh politely for whoever is showing you this OK.  You don’t have to be a d*ck”

                 Today I’m going to share a recent clip from the Comedy Central, Jeff Ross roast show, ‘The Burn’, with you guys here.  In this clip Jeff heads to Westboro Baptist Church to give those hate mongers a burn they won't soon forget.  Enjoy laughing at these stupid hateful fools and look up the link from the video to petition The White House to label Westboro Baptist a hate group. 

     Wasn't that great?  I thought so.  Thanks for coming to ‘Last to the Party’, we enjoyed your visit.  Come back soon...,
Bye for now,

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