George Lucas Sold Star Wars To Disney,

     OK Readers, I'm about to let my inner nerd show a little so brace yourselves...
     Recently George Lucas sold the 'Star Wars' franchise to Disney for over 4 billion dollars and nerds everywhere are so worried that Disney is going to ruin their precious 'Star Wars'.  Let me put all nerds everywhere at ease...Disney paid 4 billion dollars to that no neck jerk.  Do you think it was to waste 4 billion dollars?  Hell no, it was to make 10 billion.
     Disney is a business.  A hugely successful business.  Started by an anti-Semite but, successful none the less.  They are not in the business of losing money, 'John Carter' excluded of course.  Disney is not ever never going to ruin 'Star Wars'.  It will be better.  No one did more harm to 'Star Wars' than Lucas himself.  Think about it.  The prequels ALL sucked monkey *ss.  Lucas has nothing left in the tank.
     Now for more proof that Disney will not ruin 'Star Wars'.  1.  Disney owns Marvel and, did you see 'The Avengers'?  Imagine 'Star Wars' in the hands of Joss Wheadon.  Wheadon is 20x's the writer and director that George Lucas is.  2.  'Star Wars' is a fkn goldmine.  Look how long Lucas rode that sh*t and how much money he made with it.  Imagine real talent behind that franchise.  The sky is the limit.  3.  Name the worst Marvel movie Disney's made and I'll bet you my cat it's ten times better than Episode 1.

     Now I know my Lucas bashing is going to peeve off a lot of 'Star Wars' fan-boys.  But let me tell you this... I'm not taking anything away from the man.  'Star Wars' itself is a terrific, imaginative, wonderful universe and story and he created that.  Full credit to George on that one.  Plus, he had the passion and foresight to see it to through fruition.  Big plus there too because EVERYONE thought he was crazy.  Hell, the movie company had so little faith in 'Star Wars' that they actually gave him all merchandising rights which is what brought him his fortune and led to Lucasfilms, Industrial light and Magic, and Skywalker Sound.  Which have ALL in their own rights revolutionized movie making as an art form.  The man is a genius, no doubt.
     That being said he is also an elitist jerk.  If you don't believe me, search out the interview that Oprah Winfrey did with him on her OWN network at Skywalker Ranch.  These words actually came out of his mouth... "I'm rich, my kids aren't.  They are on their own after college."  What an outrageous, and ignorant thing to say.  My opinion of him dropped faster than the stock market in 1929. 
     Now, for you Republican nerds, I'm not saying he should give his kids a free ride.  If I was rich I would want my kids to know the value of a dollar and have a work ethic too but, to be worth billions of dollars and make that kind of comment was so insulting to me as a parent.  I LOVE my kids more than anything in the world and certainly more than money.  Now, he could have been misquoted by Oprah for sensationalism so, I also give him the benefit of the doubt that he came off as an arrogant prick in her interview.  That wasn't the only elitist, ignorant, self absorbed thing he said, just the one that stood out.  The whole interview he came off as a pompous *ss.  But even if Oprah shed him in a bad light for her own sake and, the sake of ratings, there's still other great reasons to be happy he can no longer destroy 'Star Wars'.  Here's two for you right now... 1. Jar Jar Binks and, 2. Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.
     So, in closing, Disney will not ruin 'Star Wars'.  Trust me, the universe we all love is in capable hands who want to make money off of it and will by making quality, marketable products with the license.  But even bigger than that, why are y'all so worried and defensive of George?  Do you think he cares about you?  It's like that line from 'A Bronx Tale'.  "Do you think 'Derek Jeter' would help your father pay the rent?  The Yankee's don't care about you so why do you care about them?" 
     In the end, they are just movies and, that's all they are. And now that Disney owns the property, we have a much better shot at some really good ones than we ever had with George.  George was done with Star Wars, that's why he sold it.  Plus, Disney ain't going to give it back so get over it.  I'm sure you have more important things to worry about, that actually matter, until 2015 when Disney blows your mind.  So guy's, it's over and, it's going to be OK so, let it go.

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