The Vagina Trap

     Something has been really bothering me.  I recently watched a nature show on the Praying Mantis and ever since I've been wanting to know...  How good must Praying Mantis sex be to die for it?  They have to know she's killing them right after.  Word has to have gotten around the male Praying Mantis community.  Yet they still do it anyway.
     I think that basically sums up all species of men in general though really.  We're all stupid and just led around blindly by our penises.  We're really that simple. Women have quite a racket going and I think they know it too.
     They act like they don't but, I think on some level, they have always known it.  A vagina is a powerful and dangerous thing.  It creates life, starts wars, and just generally drives men completely stupid.

     The vagina holds an enormous amount of power.  I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to just be literally sitting on that kind of power.  I imagine it must feel like sitting at the President's desk and caressing the nuke button.  It's really just a ridiculous amount of power if used properly.  I know it has a complete hold over me.  As a matter of fact most of the stupid things I've done and the biggest mistakes I have made were all in the pursuit of tail.  So I know its strength first hand and it's no joke what so ever.  Vagina's are powerful.
     Honestly, if you think about it, the only thing saving our bacon is that most females don't fully know how to properly use it.  That's all it is.  Only a small amount know that we are brainless robots driven by our lust for women.  If they were to all figure out that we are quite literally their slaves we'd be screwed.  So don't tell them, OK.  Fight the power!


  1. Don't compare humans or any other animals to the cannibalistic praying mantis ... those insects are a one off.

    As far as the old cliché of males being led by their penis ... speak for yourself. Not all men or women are that primitive or manipulative.

    1. You got that this is a COMEDY blog right? If so, was it unclear that this is CLEARLY a joke? Im not REALLY led by my willy either. Hope you at least smiled...thanks for coming by at least...


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