Conversations With Nana - The Stripper Pole

     I love to visit my Nana.  She is the sweetest old broad in the whole world.  Plus, she's always got plenty of bitchin' hard candy in her candy bowl whenever I come over. 
     My Nana is old school, from the Great Depression era.  She had a hard knock life.  I like that about her though because it made her wise and I really love to hear all her wisdom just about as much as she loves to share the story's of her younger days with me over freshly rolled blunts and whiskey or maybe a few cold beers at Hooters.  You know, wherever she is the most comfortable.  I always let Nana pick where we hang out.
     On this particular visit to Nana's she was feeling a little nostalgic for her stripper days back in the 30's and 40's when Grandad had suddenly lost his job due to him being a complete drunk.  
     Good old Nana, being the strong woman she was, realized she had to step up for their family and bring home the bacon and bourbon all by herself.  But, times were tough back then and Nana also had the disability of being a woman in the 30's so, finding work was really tough for her.  But, my Nana was a looker.  Nana was smoking hot as a young woman.  You can't really tell it now, but I've seen pictures and lets just say that Mom, got her looks from Grandad, because Nana was super hot.
A picture I drew in kindergarten of Nana stripping
     The way Nana tells it, one day while she was out looking for work, a nice classy gentleman approached her and offered her a job as a dancer.  Nana was totally drunk from her liquid lunch and said yes right away without even thinking about it.  The next thing she knew she was up on a big stage in this really classy cigarette smoke filled room dancing buck ass naked.  
     The men in the club, as Nana remembered, were very nice and generous with her.  But, then again, Nana said that she always dropped it like it was hot.  She told me that she really put in work on that dimly lit stage.  She said in those days it literally was 'All about the Benjamins'.  She must have really hustled too because all seven of their kids went to college at Harvard and Grandad ALWAYS had plenty of liquor and cigs.
     Sometimes me and Nana will hit up a few strip clubs when she is missing the old stripper days and on this particular day we hit up two clubs.  Nana insisted on going to the second one because she said all the girls at the first club were fugly.  I thought some were OK, but Nana was none to pleased and she claimed they were so ugly it was killing her buzz.  
     So, not one to waste Nana's weed, we rolled out to a better club.  We knew right away it was a good one because they were barbecuing right outside and the place was packed up tight like a Mexican apartment.  Those were Nana's words, not mine.  She's from a different time.
     Me and Nana got ourselves a brat and walked in the doors of the club.  Right away Nana picked a stage out and we sat down to eat our brats, down some brews, and look at some naked girls.
     Nana threw three crisp singles down on the stage like a boss, and the stripper came right over to us.  She got up to my Nana and old Nana put her glasses on so she could get a better look at her cans.  When she did she also noticed the stripper pole behind the topless, grinding stripper. 
     The pole was one of those 'new fangled brass ones', as Nana always called them.  Nana really hated those brass poles.  She said that in her day the poles were all wooden.  She would always say, 'On a brass pole you don't even know if your grinding it right but, on a wooden pole, the splinters that got stuck into your goodness told you that you had grinded on that pole good and proper.'  Nana was a true pro in her day, and she knew her stripper poles.
     Well, this has been Conversations With Nana, and I hope you learned as much about old fashioned stripper poles as I did.  Come back next time when I'm sure Nana will be sharing some other old timey crazy sh*t with us.  I got to go for now, Nana is rolling a spliff and pulling out her ouija board so we can get blown out of our minds with Tupac and Biggie and solve this East coast West coast drama once and for all.  Thanks for coming by, Nana and I will see you next time.

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  1. LOL That was a funny story, thank you for sharing it :)

    1. Your welcome. That's what I do here. Glad you liked it, thanks for your visit and comment!

  2. ROFLMAO!!!!!! I love NaNa!!

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