Courageous Cowards

     I love sissy's who are bad asses when they are in their cars. They entertain the hell out of me with their antics. Like when they ride your ass uncomfortably close on the highway so you'll move over instead of just using the wide open passing lane like someone with a lick of sense would do. But, think about it this way, surrounded by tons of steel, these usually meek and timid weaklings just have to feel so damn powerful. And, the horn, forget about it. Think of the power of a loud horn to a sissy in a rolling steel cage with locked doors. It must feel amazing to just obnoxiously wail on that horn like a total tool without the fear of the beating they so clearly deserve and are begging for.

     As much as you might want to be though, it's hard to be all that mad at them sometimes.  I mean, I don't have to walk around all day feeling like a weakling but, if I did, I imagine being in the safety of my car might make me feel pretty strong.  You know, it's got that powerful engine that you control with your feet, it feels like it's a part of you.  I guess I can see how all that power could go straight to a cowards head.  Hell, I'm sure that temporary feeling of strength and safety can be downright overwhelming.
     So, instead of getting mad at them, what I like to do is let them go ahead and show their ass awhile.  Then, I let them pass me up.  Then, I follow them, closely, till we get to a red light or their destination, which ever comes first.  Once our cars have stopped I like to look them right in the eyes, roll my window down, smile, flip them my strongest bird, look them right in the eyes, and call them a pussy.  Then I just watch as they panic and quickly fumble for the door locks.  Then, I just laugh, and drive away.  Leaving them safely shaking in their cars in their newly soiled pants.  It's much more rewarding than getting all upset plus, it teaches them valuable lessons about common courtesy, driving, and reality.  But, that's just me you know, always trying to help society.

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