Conversation with a Scammer,

     The Internet can be a very, very, very fun place.  I know I waste most of my life there.  The Internet is a useful tool and it's filled with absolutely everything you could ever possibly want to see, know and look at.  It's also a really great way to communicate and stay in touch with your friends and family, and even a much more efficient and environmental way to receive your mail.  Plus, on top of all that, it's a great and practically free way to satisfy all your weird and dirty little vices in the privacy of your own home. 
     The Internet is an amazing gift to society.  Great as it is though, it is filled to the brim with predators.  There are ALL types of scary predators crawling around on the old Internet today and I spoke to one just last night. 
     Beings how I'm an adult, 36 year old male, some of you may already have guessed which kind of Internet predator I spoke to last night.  For those who are not as Internet savvy, it was a scammer.  Not the Nigerian lottery kind but the porn site kind.  While similar cons, they are slightly different one just prays on the stupid in general.  The porn site one however specializes in duping stupid guys who are lonely, horny, or just plain drunk out of their credit card numbers by pretending to be a hot, sexy young girl who thinks your just SUPER sexy and wants to offer to show you her world, mountains and valleys and all.  She only wants your credit card number to verify your an adult not to scam you because what she's offering you is totally free.  You know, because your so hot. 
     Whether she emails you or IM's you she will need your info and credit card number but, she will always promise never to actually use any of your info or God forbid charge your credit card but, she always will.  
     Because despite her pink text color she's a scammer, and she probably also has a penis, and she/he is talking to tons of guys all over the world at the same time time and financially raping every stupid one she/he can find that will give him/her their credit card number.
     The following conversation I had just last night while on Yahoo Messenger with an Internet scammer that I am sharing here is meant to be an educational tool to try in vain to help my fellow stupid males all over the world.  While it is hilarious pay attention while your laughing.  Please, don't forget to learn, scammers are very real and men are very stupid so this is important. 

Here is a word for word transcript of my conversation with porn site scammer a_babesss32..,

(I apologise in advance for the broken English, spelling errors, and weird punctuation in his/her texts but I left it in to keep it genuine, plus most scammers seem to be foreign and, you got to admit, it only adds to the funny.  I did add asterisk to censor it a bit because I realized how gross he/she got but otherwise its word for word.  Oh, also the links are changed and will just take you to one of my jokes so its safe to click em but again, Warning, she/he does get dirty at times and even though I tried to censor it a bit if your easily offended you may want to read the following with one eye open in a safe place.  Anyway enjoy, but also, remember to learn.)

a_babesss32 - Hi cutey

a_babesss32 - =)

Me - Who is this?

a_babesss32 - Hello...have we talked before? 24..female here....you??

Me - No, you have texted me a few times...who are you?  Are you just sending random texts?

a_babesss32 - i'm sorry..i get to be forgetful from time to time!! how are u?

Me - I don't know you.  Your not forgetful, your a scammer.

a_babesss32 - i'm not a scammer ..wtf!?!?

Me - Ok, then who are you?

a_babesss32 - aww ty baby ;) ok stop ur turning me on!!

Me - What?!?  Just how many chats do you have going on?

a_babesss32 - Just got online.....crazy week been working a lot! but i am feelin' arroused! so what's up.....want to have some fun?? =)

Me - What fun?

a_babesss32 - I want a guy who can make me c*m..have you ever made a woman sq*irt? hahaa

Me - Tons.  All I've got to do is open my wallet.

a_babesss32 - going to change my clothes...wanna see?? ;)

Me - Sure, lets see.

a_babesss32 - want to play on webcam??

Me - Don't have one.

a_babesss32 - http://placeforschmucks.com/justajokethoreally click the gold 'Join Free' tab at the top of my page..k, now fill out ur information ..give it a second to load ..when you get in , I would love for you to join me in pvt ....k ?

Me - No thanks.

a_babesss32 - i use this website to play on cuz i do not want to be recorded!...this site does not allow members to record my cam! you know?

Me - Right on, sounds secure for you.

a_babesss32 - aww ty baby >:) ok stop ur turning me on!!

Me - I bet, I'm pretty hot.  I should dial it back a bit.

a_babesss32 - credit card is just to verify ur an adult , you will get in for free though my page but ya need to prove you're not a minor ..can't show tits and nudity to kids.. ya know ??

Me - Of course not.

a_babesss32 - why? what's the problem?

Me - I don't have a problem.  Why, whats wrong?  What was your name again?

a_babesss32 - let me know when you're done or if u need help ...I will be gettin' sexy for u ...ok ? ;)
Me - Done with what?

a_babesss32 - follow the link and click accept invite.

Me - No thanks.

a_babesss32 - b.r.b. ... 1 sec... need to restart my webcam..ya coming ? :)

Me - Nope.

a_babesss32 - ok you're good let me kno when you are in handsome..

Me - Oh my, I am?

a_babesss32 - r ya in yet?

Me - Balls deep...why, you can't feel me?

a_babesss32 - well hey ..ya better gimmie some "gold" when u are on the site lol.....it's like a flirt & I would some from ya ,k??

Me - Oh yes...hey does this trick ever really work?  If so, that's kind of sad.

a_babesss32 - k

Me - Your such a rascal.

a_babesss32 - k

Me - Damn right k...your a dirty girl huh?

a_babesss32 - dirty can be good ;)

Me - Dirty's the best...oh sh*t I dropped my credit card, I'm so flaccid.

a_babesss32 - dirty can be good ;)

Me - OMG, I just splooged all over my keyboard

a_babesss32 - what is taking you soo long babe i'm in here waitin' for u ....

Me - Whats taking me so long, since sarcasm is lost on you, is I'm not buying your bullsh*t.  I don't know who would.

a_babesss32 - than do it babes i want to c u! u were makin me wet

Me - I bet I am.  You know what, this was fun but now it's boring...bye now

a_babesss32 - Well if you must leave... tell ya what if ya want to see me later on my cam goto http://dummysclickhere.com/reallyjustanotherjoke just accept my cam invite.. It's Fast and easy.. we'll prolly be online for the rest of the day so you can go and see me on my cam. Take care

Me - I wont want to.  Go find someone a little dumber.  I'm sure you will.

     There you go.  Great right?  It entertained the hell out of me and even copying it for you here it was still funny.  So yes, I shared it for selfish reasons but it is still educational too.  Any guy who is honest with himself knows that they have been drunk or horny enough to fall for even this sloppy scammers game.  So hopefully this will help some stupid guy keep his damn credit card in his wallet and just satisfy themselves with the TON of free porn the Internet has to offer.
     I hope so.  I really do because I wish there would have been blog posts to keep me from doing all the stupid crap my wiener has tricked me into doing.  In hindsight though it probably wouldn't have because most of the idiotic sh*t I've done I knew was stupid the whole time I was doing it.  It wasn't until I had a woman to keep me in check that I started to curb my wiener's power over me.  Guys need the fear of having to explain our fk ups to our women to give us the strength to tell our little guys no.
     So, I guess it's on you girls...protect us from ourselves.  In return, we'll slip you some strong from time to time...wait, that's for us too isn't it...damn.  Well do it to save your shopping and shoe money then. 
     Whatever, just protect us.

OK, class is over for now.  Fun doesn't have to stop though.  Here's even more helpful and funny jokes for you to read for laughing and learning from L@L2,

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Oh well, I still love you guys...bye for now...well not really.  We're always here for your laughter needs 24/7 and will be forever if someone finally pays me.  If not at least till I find a better hobby or get myself a life...or maybe I'll win the lottery! I know how and you can too if you click this link and read this joke...How to WIN the Lottery.

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