Are you Laughing at Life, 2?

     Life can be very hard, painful, and extremely stressful as well.  Luckily, it can also be hilarious and it often is too, if you know where and how to look at it.  That is what is so healing and necessary about the art of comedy.  That is also why I love doing it so much.  I love making people laugh.  It's like a drug to me and it is to most of the other comics that I know as well.  
     We comics are mostly all just a bunch of sad clowns who see the world through a skewed view that allows us to translate it into humor.  We need our audience as much or more than they need us.  The relationship between the comedian and the audience is a very intimate one even if it doesn't fully show on the surface.  The audience benefits from the release of the laughter and the comic benefits from the audience's laughter itself.
     Making people laugh is like our own version of cheap therapy, and it's our anti-depressant drug too.  It is for me at least.  Making people laugh and feeling that acceptance and praise is why I do it.  It's what drives me to write and perform.  I love to entertain people and hear them laugh.  I need it, it's my drug, and I've been addicted to it ever since I first stepped onto a stage and felt it.
     Hell, I even started this blog because I needed to perform in some way at all times.  I love this little blog too even though it is very different from stage performing.  For one, here I have no connection with the audience, I just watch a counter go up as my only feedback.  Well, that and the rare comment from the readers that are good enough to let me know they were here.  
     I love it when I get a comment even though they aren't all positive.  Just like on stage, I get hecklers here too, and that is also very different from traditional stand-up comedy.  On the stage I am the only one with a microphone, my hecklers don't ever get to be heard, or get a fair fight when they take me on, but, here on my little blog, my hecklers get to have a real voice.  They get to tell me I'm a moron completely uninterrupted, and that my friends, is a very beautiful, as well as, very important thing.  I need to be knocked down a peg or three every know and then.  It keeps me humble.
     But, sometimes, even though I love doing it, it still does seem kind of silly to me to sit here working on this blog. I enjoy writing and sharing my silly articles and jokes with y'all here on the Internet but, I sometimes question what it is I'm really doing here at Laughing at Life, 2.  Sometimes I actually even start to believe this whole blogging thing is really just an elaborate rouse.
     You see, I, like many other entertainers, am a very paranoid person.  And, sometimes, I honestly start to think that, just maybe, blogging itself may be an elaborate experiment conducted by our government just to see if it can keep all of us loudmouth, troublemakers busy, and in front of our keyboards.  A trap to keep us in the safety of our homes, far away from the public where our constant ramblings, and opinions might do harm to the system they have so carefully built up and maintain.  
      So, to keep us big mouths happy and content, our governments intelligence agency's, along with the help of Google, invented blogging so that instead of protesting or voicing our opinions to the masses of society, we would just plug away here on our blogs, spreading our opinions and views in a safe and protected environment where they could monitor us.  And, that little counter we are all trying so hard to drive up, is in reality, completely fake.  That counter is really only the carrot they dangle in front of us to keep us all in front of our keyboards blogging, where we aren't a threat to them or society.
     But, that theory is just completely crazy isn't it?  The visit counter is totally real right?  We bloggers have real readers and aren't all just part of some CIA experiment are we?  We really are all important, independent, and free thinking journalists.  We are legitimate entertainers and writers, writing very important and beneficial story's, jokes, and articles that truly do benefit and entertain society.  Right?  I mean, that's why we do all this isn't it?  We believe we are enriching the landscape of the Internet and benefiting society.  We are, aren't we?
     ...OK, deep breaths Shawn, calm down buddy.  I'm sure that we are.  At least, I think we are.  But, then again, I have to think that because, for me, it's better to believe that we bloggers are important, and necessary, than to believe that we are really all just wasting our time while we're being fooled, and distracted by 'The Man' in some sick and twisted government conspiracy to keep society down, while keeping us opinionated, trouble making, loudmouths quiet with our little blogs that no one even really reads.
     I guess we will never really know the answer to those important questions.  Come to think of it, we don't know the answer to most important questions.  Like, what kind of cheese is the moon made of if it isn't green cheese?  Or, why is there 500 channels on T.V. but, nothing is ever on any of them?  Or, just how many kids does Angelina Jolie need to have to feel complete?  I could go on and on but, I think I've proved my point.  Life is hard.  It's full of things that no one understands and, that is why I'm laughing at life.
     So, the question I really need to ask you, my loyal, amazing, and bedroom sexy readers is a very simple one.  I just need to know one little bitty thing. All I need to know is, are you laughing at life, 2?

Let me know by commenting below, and also, before you go, check out these other funny 'A' pieces from your comedy source Laughing at Life, 2...


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