Reactions To Obama's State Of The Union Scare Me

     Today I'm going to discuss President Obama's state of the union address. The reasoning behind me doing this here is that the reactions to the S.O.T.U address are shocking and quite frankly are scaring me. Not the reactions from republicans, that I expected, but from the average everyday Americans that are so brainwashed that they have actually aligned themselves with the wealthy 1% of our population. Normal working people have become so damn brainwashed by rhetoric and misdirection that they side with the rich and believe their lies to the point that they don't even want to improve the quality of their own lives or their children's. It is not only sad, it is frightening.
     Minimum wage HAS to be increased. We have the lowest minimum wage of any civilized country on Earth. That is a fact. The president said it best, if you think you can live on 15,000 a year go try it. It is much harder than you can possibly imagine. Meanwhile we support moves that make the 1% even richer while keeping ourselves down for their benefit by believing the lies they feed us that somehow convince people to align themselves with people that don't even see them as people. The rich wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire and they use the population as indentured servants to further their extravagant lifestyles. It's disgusting, sad, and completely reversible if people would just wake the fuck up.
     I have children and the idea of them getting two years of community college for free is one that gives me hope of a better future yet I see regular people believing outright lies that this is bad. It is not bad for anyone but the rich and quite honestly they have enjoyed their domination of wealth long enough. The possibility that my children may have access to higher education excites me and gives me hope for a better future. That is what a President is supposed to do. It excites me to see the leader of the free world fighting for the majority of America instead of the wealthy minority.
     I could rant on this all day but this is supposed to be a comedy blog so I won't. I just wanted to use this forum to express my disgust with what America has become and I'm scared for my children that these outright lies and diversionary tactics by the wealthy to keep us the sheep we have become will continue to block the change we so badly need. Wake Up America, you are being manipulated and you need to open your eyes. Politicians don't want your guns by the way, they want your 2nd amendment rights because in addition to having guns it allows us to rise up if our government becomes a tyranny so we can restore freedom and protect the American way. You keep your damn heads in the sand like they want and they'll get it from you too. Stop buying into the lies and misdirection. Stop watching the left hand while they fuck us with the right. Become aware for yourselves and for our children that we are leaving this world to.


  1. Way to go babe, so direct and honest

    1. I liked it. It's a departure from what we usually post here on Wednesdays but It's what felt right to post.


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