Video Of The Week 1/23/15

     Unless you are new here you know that on Friday's we share a funny video we found during all the time we wasted of our lives watching videos. Granted, a lot of that was on the toilet and, quite frankly, what else are you supposed to do in the toilet? Newspapers are obsolete, and magazines are so bulky and hard to hide. We all have tiny little computers in our pockets and were not gonna play with them when were the most bored and in need of distraction. Ya, and Rush Limbaugh will stop sending his maid out for oxy and go get it himself too.     Anywho, we watch funny videos and pick our favorite and share it here in a post we creatively named Video Of The Week. This week were sharing a video from Bad Lip Reading who if you don't follow on YouTube, you need too. Very funny channel. This particular video is their latest and conveniently enough topical for a big story in the NFL. I thought it was hilarious and I had to clean MTN Dew off my laptop screen after watching it so be careful. Speaking of, when did Mountain Dew become MTN Dew? It kinda just happened. Anyway click below for the video and I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you thought if you can find the time. Also support Bad Lip Reading too if you like it, I didn't make it, they did. Thanks for stopping by L@L2!

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