Tweeting Is Fun

     I love to tweet. I didn't always, I actually hated it at first.  Not because it sucked itself. But, mostly because I just didn't get it, or understand it, much less, know how to do it.  But, now, I am starting to figure it out and really enjoy it.  I'll explain my change of opinion about this social media site while doing my best to make it funny for you since this is a comedy blog.  You came here to laugh, not listen to updates on me, and what I do or don't like.

     I first started using Twitter as a promotional tool for my silly blogs.  I did try at first to get followers by being clever but, that only got me up to 40 followers in the beginning.  Hard as I was trying, I found 40 followers to be insulting.  I'm no comic genius but, I tweeted better, even in the beginning than 97% of the people I was following so, it frustrated me a lot at first.
     The problem turned out to be that, I didn't know how to use Twitter properly of even how to fkn Tweet for that matter.  I really did suck as a noob tweeter.  So, after giving up for awhile, I decided to learn to tweet better.  So, like I do for most of my problems like, finding the right porn, or looking up pics, and useless information, I decided to learn to tweet.
     Now, I'm fkn addicted.  I probably tweet too much now but, its fkn fun once you learn to do it right.  Here's how to do it right - just have fun with it.  It's a damn social media site.  I used to let it upset me. I did.  Believe it or not, I actually had a twitter fight once.  If you don't know what a Twitter fight is you've either, never used Twitter before or, your just way more mature than me.

     Anyway, Twitter is totally cool and following me makes me happy so join Twitter and Tweet and if you want to follow me on Twitter.  That would like totally be cool of you and make me smile as well so you should do it right now.  If not that's cool too.  Your awesome either way.


  1. Ask Uncle Charlie was funny babe! Good job!

    1. Aww thank you my babies! What did you think of this one?


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