Don't Hit Girls

     OK readers, brace yourselves... It's about to get real for a second.
     Every guy who hits a woman, for any reason, is a complete and total wimp.  Just putting it out there because it's a completely true fact.  If you hit girls and disagree come see me and I'll knock you on your ass just to show you what a b*tch *ss p*ssy you really truly are.  That offer is wide open to any man who hits women.  Any man at all.  I'm not scared at all of ANY coward that hits on Women.
     Seriously, guys, I mean, WTF?  Does it really make you feel strong to hit a woman?  Because guess what, women are just genetically weaker than men.  Men are supposed to protect women.  So, your not strong because she fell when you hit her, you're a b*tch, and you should be fkn ashamed of yourself.  I'm talking to guys like you Chris Brown.  Also, just saying, my offer is open to you as well.
     How is Chris Brown even still selling records?  He isn't even all that talented.  Hell, I didn't understand why people still supported Micheal Jackson up until the end but, at least MJ was super freaking talented.  Chris Brown is a complete joke.  Stop making this coward rich right now!  He doesn't care about you so, why do you care about him and,  why do you give him your hard earned money?  Put it this way, he's dating a 'Famous Girl', Rihanna, who he's dropping 'Bomb's' on till she's 'Fallin Down', now, 'She Ain't You' but, it is 'Up To You' what records you buy and there's a ton of people who can 'Sing Like Him' much, much better.  So, stop buying his albums.  Instead take that money and burn it.  That's right. Put it in a trash can and set it ablaze.  Or, even better, donate that cash to an abused women's shelter.
     Wow, I just used 6 Chris Brown song titles to diss him.  I'm a little impressed with myself.  But, my self love aside, where the hell is Rihanna's pride?  I mean, she's fkn rich, has bodyguards, beautiful, and could have anyone she wants, yet, she parades around with this cowardly no talent?  Why?  That sh*t confuses me to no end.  Some women are trapped out of fear or circumstance but she is just super hard to feel sorry for sometimes.  
     Rihanna baby, He will do it again.  Trust me, they always do, I've seen it for myself.  Once a 'Man' crosses that line once, it's only a matter of time before they cross it again and, again.  Trust me babe, that first punch was the hardest one, even for the biggest cowardly A-Hole, woman beater walking around Earth, the first time he hits you was the hardest for him.  The second time it will be easier for him.  Especially if the woman he hit put up with it.
     Girls, let me tell you something.  Not all men are a-hole's.  And, I don't care how good looking, funny, or rich he is, your ALL worth way more than that.  No woman deserves to be beaten, EVER!  My mom didn't and, no woman does.  So, band together as women and cut these pieces of sh*t off totally.  In my opinion, we also need to take a note from "The Scarlet Letter' and, mark all these cowards with a huge 'A' on there forehead for abusive a-hole.  That way, we will all know exactly who they are.  Then, men like myself, and others could protect you ladies like you deserve and, y'all could ostracize the bastards.
     Look, society will never, ever change unless we make it.  I know it's scary but together we do have power.  Rihanna, if she has any self respect, should lead the charge.  As a rich, and powerful woman, with heavy media exposure she could help women everywhere.  Instead she let's this coward walk with his head high and we supply him with money for gold chains and Bentley's.  We are all wrong.  Let's make it right.


  1. Society has sure gone downhill, would rather burn my money indeed then give it to his stupid ass.

    1. ABSOLUTLY!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, come back soon!

  2. I echo Pat's sentiment. I will never listen to his music, let alone buy it. So sad. Great blog sir!!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for laughing with Laughing at Life, 2. Come back often and soon!


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