Fat Bottomed Girls

I'm a chubby chaser, I know that I am.
And, really man, I don't even fully know why I am.
I guess it's just that I love their big soft belly's and huge, full breasts.

Not to mention,
their big 'ol healthy butts, thick thighs, and all of the rest.
Now, I have had sex with some fit women before.
Hell, one of them was almost as thin as Skeletor.

It was still really good, don't get me wrong.
But, feeling rib and hip bones seems to soften my strong.

Plus I'm a really big 'ol, heavy guy, and I tend to fret and worry.
That a little 'ol skinny chick just never can't support me.

If I was to get exited and accidentally get too strong, I might break her in half during sex.
And, if I did, would I finish up first, or call 911, and comfort her, wiping her tears up with a Kleenex?
See, these are the kind of problems that I don't need, and don't want.
So, to be safe, I mostly flirt with girls who hang out at buffet style restaurants.
I've just always liked 'em curvy, but that's just what's for me.
But, it frustrates me, that the media tells 'em that thick, full, and curvaceous just isn't the way they should be.
But, truth is, I like the curves, and I'm not the only one, so as for me, and my strong we both just have to disagree.
So, go ahead, eat up ladies, and build up your strong curves.
Then go find a chubby chaser like me, with the strong your sexy *ss deserves.

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