Idiocracy - Movie Review

     As part of a top secret project conducted by the Pentagon two Americans, Private Joe Bauers, and Rita a prostitute, are put under as test subjects for the "Human Hibernation Project".  Joe, and Rita are only supposed to be under for a year but, the officer in charge of the operation, and the only one who knows that the two are in hibernation, gets busted and sent away, and the two of them don't awaken for 500 years.  What they find is that in 2505 the world is ran by stupid people, and corporate entities, because the morons have out bred the intelligent folks, and Joe is now easily the smartest man alive.

     This 2006 film by Mike Judge, creator of Office Space, and Beavis and Butthead, is an offbeat but hilarious look at the possible future of America.  It stars Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolf, Dax Shepard, but the highlight of the film is Terry Crews as President Camacho.  I highly recommend checking out this hidden gem for a good laugh.  To further my case I've included the trailer from the movie below.


  1. This is a brilliant film, and the sad thing is that we're not far off from this way of life!

  2. I was going to write about this! How funny. My favorite part is when they are watering the crops with the movie equivalent of Gatorade.

    1. It has electrolytes, plants crave electrolytes!


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