Laughing News, vol6

Laughing News vol6

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Today in the headlines..,

Too bad, no one else does...

But, I'd rather be uncool than stupid. Click here to laugh at 'Stupid People Love To Talk'.  A big part of my hairstyle choice is my receding hairline. I accept it but click here to laugh at 'Perfect Comb-Overs', our joke about these delusional dudes.  Grown Men with pictures of ripped, half naked men on their T-Shirts is kinda a little gay. Click here to read 'Wrestling's Gay' to laugh at the complete theory now!  I posted this piece and actually had a Google+ argument with someone. Amazing...Come laugh at the Atheist religion.

     Stupidity is an epidemic in the world today.  It affects most of the worlds population and annoys the rest of it.  If left unchecked the entire Earth's population could be stupid or fed up by 2014 Say's Harvard scientist Ray Smith.  He added, 'The stupid breed like rabbits and seem to be unstoppable.  I'm afraid we are all doomed.'  He started to cry and then said, 'My wife is dumb as a wet, busted brick. And my new baby really concerns me.  He just stares at his Cheerios blankly and smiles for hours.'.   I hugged Dr. Smith for twenty minutes while he cried and repeated he had a loaded gun in his desk for a full half hour before press time.

Tell me that sh*t ain't creepy!

     This doll is hella creepy.  I found it and can't get it out of my head so, welcome to my nightmares...

News on the go..,

- Military drones our patrolling US airspace everyday and in some cases have the authority to fire upon American citizens.  Go ahead, look it up, it's fkn crazy.
- Ugly people are literally EVERYWHERE so, protect you eyes.

- Possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana is now only a violation that doesn't appear on your criminal record in the state of Missouri. So, who says ALL politicians suck?
- A recent Harvard study reveals that reading ten jokes a day increases your sex drive by 115% so, read more jokes.

- A treasury report revealed yesterday that laughing is free so do it more.

Celebrity News..,

     - A brilliant computer hacker has hacked the computer's of the ENTIRE Bush family including Mama Bush, G. W., His sister, and even Laura's personal computer and posted many personal family pics online in his most recent quest to defy authority and I for one applaud him!  Hit the Cheney family next you crazy genius!

2. - Chris Brown is still at total douche as of press time. Read this for more - http://laughingatlife232.blogspot.com/2013/02/dont-hit-girls.html

3. - Nick Cannon wasn't in the Super Bowl halftime show even though ESPN said he would be.  Sorry.  For more on this editorial screw up read - http://laughingatlife232.blogspot.com/2013/01/super-bowl-xlvii-keys-to-victory.html

Columns and Editorials..,

Hi, its uncle Charlie with 'Charlie Say's', a new segment that I forced Shawn with my mind to include in his little comedy news publication.  I'm in prison and will never get out but your not so go do these things for me...
1. Get me a cheese sandwich on Wonder bread.  The bread here sucks.
2. Tell Delta Burke to stop visiting me.
3. Buy Coke. (They give me ten bucks worth of cigarettes for saying that. You don't really have to buy Coke but you can if you want to.)
4. Like Yankey Show on Facebook with this link for Shawn - https://www.facebook.com/YankeyShow
5. Read this whole news article 3 more times.

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