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This ain't Shadow but, he looks gangsta too!
     Hi, as you know, I'm White Shadow, the not yet famous but, incredibly talented, and gifted, white gangster rapper.  I'm as white as fresh fallin' snow but, I rap very, very swell.  As the greatest, and hardest gangster rapper in the world, ever,  I like to keep up on what is goin' down in these virtual streets.  You know, gain up my knowledge on the streets of the net.  Then I like to spread that knowledge to you, my adoring, wonderful fans...
     Today on 'Shadow On', I'm going to be tellin y'all what I think about a little Internet site called Reddit.  Now, what I think about Reddit is pretty simple really, I think Reddit totally sucks.
     For those of you that do not know what Reddit is, it's garbage.  It wasn't always but, it is now.  Total and complete Internet trash.  It was started by a pioneer and genius as an information sharing site for EVERYONE to use, playa's, pimps, and nerds alike, but now it's just a haven for haters.  It's also ran by a bunch of haters too, and the Mod's are, well what we call them in the streets is punk ass biatches, not to be blunt round the white folks and lady folk's who are readin' this.  They really are.  There isn't a nicer word to use to describe them, trust me, I tried.
      The reason Reddit is so terrible is because haters run it.  They practice 'Shadow Banning' which means they will ban your posts and comments but never tell you, so you think you are still 'REDDITING' but you are just being played.  'Shadow Banning' is a b*tch practice, don't believe me?  Look it up in the 'Urban Dictionary' right now.  Reddit coulda been cool and might be again one day but right now, presently, it's a complete waste of your time, and mine.  Don't ever go to, or use Reddit.  They get paid when you do go there so don't do it.  If not for you, don't do it 4 me, your favorite white rapper, White Shadow.
      Here are a few better sites you can go too... Every other site on the Internet!  They are ALL better than Reddit.  Go to any one of them and you will have a 23x's better experience than you would EVER have on stupid punk ass Reddit.

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