Midlife Childhood

I don't want to grow up.


Adults are boring. Responsibility sucks. Work is hard. I just want to have fun. Live worry free and just play hard ALL day, EVERY day. Forget growing up just to work, worry, and pay stupid bills. I'll never part with my childish ways. Why would I give up my youth for stress, grey hair, and tons of debt?

Does it say stupid on my head?
Or is it that you think that I was just born yesterday?
I've always known what i wanted in life. Even when I was little when I was asked I'd always say.
"To hell with growing up, that's stupid. Why are we wasting the whole damn day? Lets get our heads out of our asses, get back outside and play. I say rise up! Rebel! Fight the power! Damn the man, and just have recess every single day!"

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