Which Ways The Right Way?

     I'm indecisive. Especially when the choice is important. I'm never sure what I should do. And the reason is really very simple.

     I don't trust myself at all.

     I really just don't. And I shouldn't. I make absolutely AWFUL decisions. Whatever I decide to do is always wrong.

     My decisions are terrible, each one somehow even worse than the one before it.

     I really should have learned by now to make up my mind, and then just do the exact opposite of what I decide. If I'm always wrong the opposite would have to be right.

     You know, that's actually a really great idea...or is it terrible? Is that what I should do? Or should I do the opposite?

     Dammit, now I've gone and confused myself again.

     Thinking is too hard. I need to get married so someone smart can run my life for me.

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