This year for the A to Z Challenge I have decided to get a little personal with my loyal readers. During this years A to Z I am going to explore 26 of my many pet peeves. I hate almost everything so filling the alphabet will be a breeze. Today's letter is H so I chose to talk about Heat.
     I hate to be hot. Hate it! I'm warm natured and I get hot easily. My Grandpa always used to say you could always put on more clothes if you are cold, but if you're hot you can only take off so much. When I am butt ass naked and still hot that aggravates me. I can't sleep if i'm hot. The weird thing about that is I also can't sleep without a blanket. I just feel exposed with a blanket and a blanket helps me relax and feel safe. You know, because blankets protect you from monsters. Ask any kid, they will tell you if you don't believe me.


  1. Unique theme you have going here with Pet Peeves, Shawn. Funny how our physiological thermostat conflicts with our psychological one. There are those of us who are just the opposite of your Hottie-stat...'Freezers'. Blanket buddies year round with cranked AC and Night Fans. I bet you had a 'Blankee' as a kid.
    Thanks for stopping by my Letter 'G'.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
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  2. I like your pet peeves theme too. Very funny. I'm not a fan of cold weather so I'd take the heat over the cold any day. Nice to meet you. Following you now. :)

    1. Thanks for the follow! I'm glad you came and enjoyed it!

  3. I agree. Sweating for no reason? Ugh.


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