This year for the A to Z Challenge I have decided to get a little personal with my loyal readers. During this years A to Z I am going to explore 26 of my many pet peeves. I hate almost everything so filling the alphabet will be a breeze. Today is D so let's do Diets.

I hate diets and dieting. I refuse to do it. I also think that its bad for you. I hate that people feel that they need to diet because of our society's standard of what beauty is. If you are dieting for health reason then thats different, go diet! But if you are dieting to reach some beauty standard then stop it you are already beautiful. Or at least diet smart, no crazy fad starvation diets, you have to eat to stay healthy. Exercise if you want too as well but don't overdo that either. As for me, supersize those fries and throw that diet Coke in the trash.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Shawn; I'm going to take a look at some of your previous posts, too. As for dieting, I have to admit, I'm working on losing just a few pounds so I can be at the weight I feel most comfortable. But I'm not fad dieting by any means. Just keeping an eye on the sweets and carbs.

    1. I get that. It's a good idea to eat smart. I try to get my V8's as much as I can.

  2. I don't diet. I reduce portion sizes. There's something to say for eating healthily. I avoid junk food, but I let myself have everything in moderation. I hate fad diets too, and people who think they're going to lose weight by drinking some magic drink obviously are not living in the same realm of reality as me. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge -- laurengreenewrites.com

  3. Well, there's dieting and there's reducing caloric intake to what's right for your exercise level. I "can" do one (except when hubby starts cooking, he's amazing) but there's no point to the other.


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