Dollar General Is Evil

     I lost my job.  I didn't lose it Per Se, I know exactly where it is.  I just don't work there anymore.  And, I am glad that I don't.  You see, long story short, they were d*cks.  They being Dollar General.  Total and complete assholes.  So, I told them to get bent, and walked the fk out.  That is after they tried to fire me by firing me and then later taking it back the next day after walking me out and taking my badge.  Sound confusing and fk'd up?  Well, it was, but I'll do my best to try and explain it.

     Firstly, we will cover why I worked for Dollar General.  You see, I don't make sh*t for doing this blog, and comedy is a very TOUGH, and competitive, business.  I do OK, but I still have to have a 'real' job.  So, that's why I worked at Dollar General.  I loaded trucks, I didn't work at the store, and that job sucked.  It sucked not just because they work you ridiculously hard, and beyond the limits of the human body, but because they also treat their employees like human garbage.  I mean that quite literally and not figuratively.  They treat their employees like pieces of worthless trash.  They don't even treat their employees like people.  To them EVERY employee is just a replaceable, nameless, valueless, component.  Nothing more than cogs in the wheel of the giant evil corporate machine that is Dollar General.
     I am not jaded.  Please let that ring clear.  I'm happy that I no longer work there despite the fact that I needed that job very bad and did everything in my power to keep it.  Matter of fact, I shopped at a Dollar General just yesterday.  See, I'm not even holding a grudge.  But, I feel like the public deserves to know the truth about Dollar General as a company and store, so I'm going to use my little forum here to inform their consumers about what this particular, heartless, exploitative, and misleading company is really all about.
     Dollar General is a huge corporation despite and like all corporations is only concerned with one thing, profits.  I understand that because profits lead to jobs and in a monetary system such as ours people need the money that jobs provide to survive.  That's just how it is in today's world.  So, I've worked for many large corporations in my life but none, not a single solitary one, was as evil, greedy, or as heartless and unconcerned with their employees as Dollar General was and still is.  They may masquerade as the 'working class' supporting, almost 'mom and pop', little country store but that is just a mask.  Behind that facade is a monster.  A greedy heartless monster that is ONLY interested in one thing, your hard earned money.  Don't let yourselves be fooled as consumers.  If you don't believe me, research it.  Better yet, ask a Dollar General employee about how well they are treated and compensated.  You will find that Dollar General is even worse than Wal-Mart and, trust me, that is really, really, very bad.
     I will tell you about my personal experiences while working for Dollar General because I feel strongly that it is a story that needs to be told.  I worked in the Fulton MO. distribution center for three months.  I worked in the shipping department on second shift.  I was cussed out regularly, told I was lazy, nearly assaulted, and mistreated daily at my job.  By management as well as sub management and human resources.  I busted my ass at that job.  More so than at any other I've ever had in my life.  I lost 32 pounds in the three months I worked there.  I never had an evaluation under 100%.  Not one.  I know what you might be thinking, did I report this abuse?  Yes, repeatedly.  In the end I was told I was imagining being cussed out, mistreated, and abused.
     The night I was verbally abused and nearly assaulted I reported the incident to my supervisors three times with NO action taken.  Then, I went to my manager.  This led to 4 visits back to his office in the following weeks and finally with me being written up.  The woman who verbally abused me was promoted.  If this wasn't enough, because I reported the incident, I was singled out and abused daily.  I suffered through this treatment despite of the working environment for another month.  I'm talking about unrealistic expectations on my production, my last evaluation was 110% which means I did 10% more than was expected from an employee, but was still a negative evaluation.  I had to have them explain that one to me because 110% is a number that does not exist.  Except in deodorant commercials.  That very day of the 110% I was cussed out, told I was lazy, and told I shouldn't return to work.  I reported this incident to human resources with the exact same results.
     My breaking point came the following Sunday night, after they fired me, took my badge, drove me out, and then told me they didn't fire me.  Confusing right?  Yes it is, but that really happened.  Anyway, I came back, and right away was presented with an impossible load.  Before the first break of the evening I was trapped in a trailer by two supervisors and a trainer.  Was berated and blocked from exiting the trailer, which is illegal, after that I reported the incident to my manager, was told I was delusional, so I quit.
     I needed that job, as we all do.  I just could not take the treatment any more.  No one could have.  At our particular facility only 2 of 10 employees stay.  That is an actual statistic.  I didn't make that number up.  I could go on and on all day of the abuses I witnessed myself and the horror stories other employees who had somehow sustained the working environment that Dollar General supplies their employees.  I have even interviewed several store employees and found very similar stories there as well.  So, do your own research, and find out for yourself, then stop spending your money in Dollar General stores.  Or don't, what you do with your money is your business.  My goal here was only to inform the public about the truth of Dollar General.  Stay informed as consumers and thank you for reading my story.

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