Bored Now

     I'm bored.  How in the hell is it that I am bored?  I have three web pages loaded up right now, I'm listening to music, playing on my phone, and writing this throw away post to my comedy blog...
     Do I have A.D.D?  That, I do not know.  I am not a doctor.  What I do know is, I'm very fkn bored.  So bored in fact that I'm even boring my readers with the fact that I'm bored so that they can share in the experience of my boredom with me.
     So, I may or may not have A.D.D. but, I'm probably, definitely a narcissist because, why in the hell would I think that anyone would care at all about me being bored.  I mean, just how fkn arrogant is that?  
     Plus, as arrogant as this post about my boredom already is, I even just tweeted that I was bored, and posted it to Facebook.  Hell, I might as well yell it right out my front door now as well.  I mean, why in the hell not.  
     If I actually think that everyone online wants to know if I'm bored, why should I then leave out my own damn neighbors?  Because, they are huge gaping A-Holes, that's why.  So, fk them, I'll just go over and whisper it to their dog, I like him.

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