Windows 8 Hate

     Why do they ALWAYS have to ruin EVERYTHING? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Why does every company think they need to make everything work like a smart phone or tablet?  If I wanted to use apps, I'd just use my damn tablet or phone Microsoft.  I bought a new laptop for use as a computer.  What I got though, was a damn folding smart phone... WTF?!?
     I'm not usually the type to b*tch about new advancements in technology.  I know that every new Windows that comes out people hate at first, although, I've always liked the new features and changes, until now.  Now, I know I'll get used to it.  That isn't the point though.  It's a folding smart phone is the point.  This version sucks and was a stupid idea.  Whoever thought this train wreck up should be fired immediately and Bill Gates needs to send me at least 5 million bucks for my mental anguish.  I'm sure he has that much in his couch cushions right now.  He won't even have to hit the bank.
     I'll learn to use this new toy of mine but, I wish I would have gotten the one with Windows 7 or Vista on it.  I'm just not happy at all with Windows 8.  You might like it but, I feel like the switch to apps on a computer is a big mistake but, then again, I'm a broke comedian so, wtf do I know?  Buy it or don't... They don't pay me.

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