Waiting For The Dr...

Now see, this nurse, I'd wait on...
     I love how if your late for or God forbid miss your doctors apt they freak the fk out and even charge you but, when they make you wait forever for your scheduled apt its just considered normal practice?  That's fkd up.  No other business operates that way. McDonald's would go out of business in a second if they just brought you your food when it was convenient for them to.  But Doctors think they are hot sh*t cuz they have an expensive, fancy 'diploma'.  They ain't special you know... Plus there are literally hundreds of thousands of them walking around.  You cant swing a cat on a plane without hitting 3 lawyers and a doctor.
     My Grandma was a better Doctor than any 'real' Doctor I've ever met and she was free and made you dinner.  All she ever even asked for was a foot rub now and then.  Which was gross but, she always paid you at least a quarter plus, she was an awesome cook.  I'd rub my Doctors feet if he'd make me some fried chicken after.  Sh*t, for what he's charging, I should get at least a kiss or maybe, a reach around.

     I hate going to the Doctor almost as much as I hate being sick.  He's damn lucky that I hate being sick because then he'd never see me.  That's why Doctors never cure anything to begin with.  If they did who would pay for their fancy cars, trophy wives, and Cosby sweaters?  No one, that's who.  So, there is nothing in a cure for anything for the Doctors.  So if we want a cure for Cancer or even the common cold we are going to have to turn to our Grandma's.  So, go rub some feet dammit.  Put these doctors out of business once and for all! 


  1. I hate the doctors too! But mainly because I am scared of them D:

    1. Honestly, I'm scared of them too. Thanks for laughing with us! Come back soon!


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