'The Diceman', A Tribute to Andrew 'Dice' Clay

"When you jerk off, you're saying 'Hey, I care about me.'" -- Andrew 'Dice' Clay 9/25/57 - Present

     Andrew Clay Silverstein, better known as, Andrew 'Dice' Clay is truly a one of a kind comic.  The Diceman is not for everyone, but he definitely has a style all his own.  'The Diceman' was in your face, honest, hilarious, and totally fearless.  Andrew 'Dice' Clay knew who he was and what he wanted to do and did it his way.  That alone gets him a tribute on Laughing at Life, 2.  Not to mention, I'm a HUGE fan of his comedy and humor and, Laughing at Life, 2 is mine.  So, enjoy our tribute to 'The Diceman' readers.
     Clay started out doing comedy in 1978 in local clubs and moved to L.A. in 1980 to get serious about his craft.  A seven minute set at Dangerfield's comedy club in 1988 ended up being 'The Diceman's' big break before taking the nation by storm with his no holds barred comedy style.
     Leather jacket, thick gold chains, dirty poems, and a lit cigarette in his hand were Dice's trademarks.  I first saw 'The Diceman' when I was about ten years old.  I first saw Clay perform while he was doing an HBO special.  I caught it right during his dirty nursery rhymes bit.  I LOVED those nursery rhymes at ten years old and still do at 36.  I was instantly a fan.  I sat glued to that TV eating it up. I've been a fan of his ever since.
     Often imitated never duplicated, 'The Diceman' is a master stand-up comic.  His timing and stage presence are unrivaled.  Plus, who can smoke a cigarette as cool as Andrew 'Dice' Clay?  No one, that's who.  His fans are rabid and loyal for his comedy styling's as well.  Andrew 'Dice' Clay is the only comic ever to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row.  It's easy to see why too, if you've ever seen 'The Diceman' perform because, he NEVER disappoints.  You come to see 'Dice', you laugh.  That's just how he rolls.
     Not everything has been great for Clay during his career.  Though his fans love him, there are many people who loathe him.  He has been described as racist, homophobic and misogynistic.  He has been banned from many TV and radio shows and once had a quite heated and profanity laced appearance on CNN.  Even through the protesters and haters of his comedy and style, 'Dice' has remained true to his brand of comedy and always stood behind his art, never baking down.
     Andrew 'Dice' Clay has released several successful comedy albums throughout his career as well as many popular stand-up specials but has also done a few movies.  Ford Fairlane would have to be my favorite.  It's not that well known but Clay is very funny in it.  You should find it and check it out.  If you love 'The Diceman' like I do he also has a show on SiriusXM satellite radio as well.
     In closing, I enjoy 'The Diceman's' comedy.  I'm a fan.  I know he is controversial, but I don't care.  He is funny.  That's all that matters to me.  I respect the art form of stand-up and, Andrew 'Dice' Clay was, and is, a great comic.  That is why I felt he needed a tribute piece here at Laughing at Life, 2.  We can't be ALL things comedy and leave out 'The Diceman'.  If Clay offends you, as my reader, I apologize.  I always felt his comedy was in good fun and not hateful.  He always made me laugh and I enjoy his work and thank him for it.  Thanks for reading our tribute piece to Andrew 'Dice' Clay and enjoy this funny video clip of his I've included.

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