Laughing News, Breaking Update, 10/22/12

Sometimes you just have a bad day
Does the Man got you down?  We have the jokes for you.  Read Its On and lets laugh while we get ready to rise up.  Also check out Dropping the "F" Bomb for my piece on my favorite word.  God don't make filth is also a great piece on the wrongs of censorship.  As a bonus we have Wait for a funny pic. 

Someone needs to save that dog!
If you're thinking about getting married, DON'T.  For more on this subject check out Evil/Ex-Wife, or Married Pillowtalk, or Married Quotes and also, Monumental Lies vol1

This guy is probably the Hulk
We have even more funny for you to check out like our piece on afro's called Bitching Fro Bro A great piece on our theory about Micheal Jackson's song Beat ItWe ponder the great question When will women listen?  And we also spend some quality time Just us boys.

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