Question my son asked, #1

My son asked me what this pic from a hand sanitizer commercial was supposed to mean and, I didn't know.  But, I never admit I don't know something to my children.  So I guessed that it meant their hand sanitizer is so good it'd be like another dude held your strong while you peed and got the door.  Like once you used their hand sanitizer afterward it'd be like the whole thing never even happened. 

He said, "Well that makes sense but, why does it still seem so gay?"  And, I said, "Because it is son.  It is really gay, thats why it seems so gay buddy, because it is."

I don't know if what I told him about the picture was true but I bet it was pretty close...

Anyway, the picture made me laugh so maybe it will you too. 

Oh, and if y'all have other or better answers to my son's question about the pic, please comment below!

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