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Today on 'Laughing At', we’re laughing at, Sports…

Football, a violent and often uncomfortable place to be white. Most quarterbacks are white even today but they definatly take quite a brutal pounding weekly as each team tries to ram them hard enough to take them down to their knees and maybe even get their hands on the precious balls the quarterbacks always carry as they pound hard into them from behind each play.


OJ Simpson is still funny after all these years no matter what he does this picture and 3 'Naked Gun' movies have continued to show throughout all his troubles. I mean just try not to smile as you look at his dumb ass smile in this picture.

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Mike Tyson is still just as batshit crazy as he ever was. One look at this man tells you enough to know this crazy f*cker is dangerous but he walks around among us waiting to have a Buster Douglas or Robin Givins flashback and kill one of us like a helpless little pidgeon. They just let him walk around even though when he told Lennox Lewis he wanted to eat his children there was truth in his eyes. He did want to eat them. He's crazy as hell but whatever, Fk common sense.

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