I'm Back Again

I haven't been here for a little while. I was trying out a different approach because, quite frankly, I wasn't getting the results that I was looking for here. I was getting decent traffic but no interaction. So, I started over with a new site. I got really serious and set out to make the new blog what I had always hoped this one would be.

The more serious that I got about making it successful the less fun I was having writing it. I got my traffic up right away but still hardly any interaction. No one ever comments. Comedy is very hard to do with zero feedback. I know that I find it funny but does anyone else? Hard to say because I can't get anyone to talk or respond no matter what I try. I never even stopped to realize it may be because I have no idea what I'm doing.

I always used to just do this blog for fun. I love to make people laugh, I always have. Stand-up is great for a personality like that and that's why I love it. I never get tired of making people laugh. I started the blogging as a way to work out ideas, share actual bits, or anything else that I feel like doing that I think is funny. Everything about it I loved for a long time. I'd work on this thing for hours and that lasted for years until it started to bother me that I got the amount of views I did but no one ever comments on anything.

I began to drift away from the new site entirely. I let the URL expire and now it just sits there in the void deserted. While I was away from blogging I got really into politics because of this guy Bernie Sanders. I am now all in with trying to use the system to improve our world instead of just bitching about it. It has consumed me you could even say, I may even have to change my comedic style as a result.

Getting into and involved in politics and activism has kept me pretty occupied in my free time for about a year now but I still really miss doing what I once loved to do here. So, if you do know what you are doing, maybe you can help me grow and develop this blog into what I've always hoped it would be. A place dedicated to all things comedy with a community of like minded individuals having fun and joking around. Like a digital comedy club after close if you will. When it's just the comics and the staff hanging out and talking shit.

If you're new here, look around there's years of stuff on here and if you have something to say speak up, I don't bite anyone but my baby.


  1. Down here is where you can type stuff you want to say if you were to want to say something.

  2. This is cool I love to make people laugh and really enjoy doing it. I have some funny ideas on life and it's adventure.

    1. Right on, i'm glad to hear it. Hope to see you around.


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