I suck at failing

I do a lot of failing. 
So much so in fact you'd think I'd be a little better at it by now. 
Unfortunately that's not the case. 
I'm terrible at it actually. The worst. 
I'm a big baby about it too and I annoy my wife all of the time with my constant whining and anxiety attacks. 
You might think I would have developed a thicker skin and higher tolerance for what it is to struggle and sacrifice by now. I mean, I've been poor for quite a while. 
Strangely enough though, you'd be wrong again. 
Well then, I must have at least learned how to manage money pretty good, or to make smart, well thought out decisions in important moments in life by now right? 
I mean here I am. I've obviously done something right. I survived past 40 so far, I don't look to be hungry at all, I'm not sickly so I must have developed some sort of a secret or street wisdom then right?
Nope, not really.
I have no idea how I've even gotten this far in life much less if I'll get any further. 
You might think it must be luck, and that's a good guess except I don't have any. 
Could be my wife, probably is, it is. 
So yeah, luck, but just that one time.
And honestly, she really did all of that too. I never had any game at all with women.
So, is she my good luck, or am I her bad?
Hard to say. Well, not really, it's both. 
I'm the clear winner obviously but I think she thinks I'm alright.
I hope so anyway, like I said, I suck at failing.


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