5 Reasons America Needs Tighter Gun Control

     As everyone is unfortunately aware by now another mass shooting has been carried out by the cowardly terrorist group Isis. What happened wednesday in San Bernardino at a center for people with developmental disabilities was horrific and it made me ask myself whether we can honestly go on as a nation without doing something about our gun control problem? 
     At this point I really just don't believe that we can. It has become urgent that we realize that we are at war with an enemy that already has an admittedly significant number of supporters here in the United States that we even know of. God knows how many are here that we aren't aware of. This war is real and is already going on right now. And our loose gun control laws are helping terrorists arm themselves for that war. They are able to do it legally from inside our own country. 
     We have got to stop lying to ourselves that without enforcing tighter gun control laws we can prevent this threat to our citizens lives. We can't just pray about this. Well we can, by all means pray. Just remember that God helps those that help themselves. We have to do something about this ourselves. It is our responsibility to stop evil. It is insanity to see time and time again what is going on, and not only never change what were doing about it, but actually expecting this madness to just stop all by itself.

     Right now anyone reading this is probably already split into one of three groups. Those that despise me already and are just rapidly skimming through this piece just to tear me apart in the comments. Then you have the people that are undecided, the ones who haven't really made their mind up either way yet. And of course there's ones that are hoping I can hold my own in this discussion because they feel the way I do about this and don't want me to screw it up. That's all happened already after just three paragraphs. That being said, for those of you who are already pissed off at me, sorry, not sorry. What I have to say needs to be said, and more importantly it needs to be acted upon. It's morally wrong not to.
     That being said I am absolutely not in support of giving up our right to bear arms. I believe in the second amendment wholeheartedly and would defend it to the death. I wouldn't ask anyone to give up their right to bear arms. That isn't what this is about. This is about military grade weaponry that is available for anyone to buy. It's about limits on ammunition purchases. Closer monitoring of purchasing habits. Tighter restrictions on gun permits. It's about safety and security. A law abiding citizen has nothing to fear from anything I have listed off so far unless you want an AR15, because honestly I don't think that anyone except police and the military should have military grade weapons at all.
     I really believe that tighter gun control laws have simply become what has to happen. I say that knowing that even if I was to get all the things that I mentioned above there would still be shootings. The violence would continue that's a given. I am not naive enough to think that the terrorists would just stop if we took away their arsenals. These muslim extremists are very scary. I get it. I have children. I want them to be safe. I also don't have my head in the sand and I am with the majority of Americans who feel like a war is already happening on our soil. The thing is though, I'm tired of seeing police walking into machine gun fights with people in masks and body armor. I know that I am sick to death of seeing innocent people ripped to shreds by automatic weapons. I don't like knowing that people can literally be hiding anywhere ready to attack targets filled with innocent people armed with an arsenal of weapons that would make Rambo jealous. Those type of weapons should be tightly restricted and people with them closely monitored. Hell, if you have an AK-47 and aren't planning on shooting up a Miley Cyrus concert in the name of Allah you should have nothing to worry about anyway. It's common sense, it has to happen. We have got to stop being afraid of losing our rights and realize that trying to make it safer for the general public by doing our best to ensure that the wrong people aren't getting access to BB guns much less AR15's. 
     Also stop saying your rights are being taken away because you are not giving up your second amendment rights. If even the most restrictive propositions for improving gun control was approved Wal-Mart would still have shotguns the next day, you would still be able to get drunk and shoot at stop signs, Orscheln's will still carry a huge selection of handguns, shotguns, rifles, and the all important ammunition just like yesterday.  We just want to be more careful with who gets to enjoy that right. I'll be honest with you, I cannot even understand being afraid of that.
    To dig a little deeper let's start with my view on automatic weapons. For starters I cannot think of a single reason why an average citizen would need an AR15. It's fun to shoot one is not an acceptable reason by the way. Despite there being no reason an average citizen would need a weapon like that people are still against restricting these type of weapons to just the military and police. They are also against restrictions on the amount of ammunition purchases for these type of weapons. They are against that for a reason I cannot even imagine. Why people feel that they need to be armed better than their local National Guard base really confuses me and quite honestly you don't have to be a muslim for that to be suspicious. You could be a mormon just back from missionary and if you were amassing an arsenal like the ones those terrorists in San Bernadino had I would be suspicious of you too. We need to be paying attention to things like that. It doesn't even make sense for us not to.
     Next thing that needs to happen is we need tighter gun permit restrictions. It has got to become more difficult for the wrong people to get guns. I can't say it any simpler than that. It seems so obvious but even with the things that are happening all over the world people are still against this for reasons that are incomprehensible to me. I cannot fathom why a sane, stable, law abiding citizen would be afraid of this at all. The way I see it if you aren't up to no good absolutely nothing even changes for you except maybe a few minor inconveniences from the extra screening. I see that as a very small price to pay for a little peace of mind. Honestly I'll take it a step further, it's the least that we can do. Because if you are afraid of being more careful about keeping guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them maybe it's because it's you that shouldn't have them.
     Another thing that I believe should be happening to help cut down on incidents like the one in San Bernadino is monitoring and tracking of people that are purchasing those types of weapons and ammunition so that it doesn't come as such a shock that Syed and his wife were Isis supporters dead set on killing a whole lot of people and were definitely armed better than a Seal team and prepared to kill a whole lot more people than they did. I don't know about you but when I saw the arsenal of weapons that these misled and cowardly fools had I was actually blown away not only that an average person could legally acquire weapons like those but that you could also accumulate so many weapons and not draw attention. To me that is the scariest part. We should be keeping closer track of people who seem to be arming a small village whether they are muslim or not.
     If you need any further proof that our current system is being used and manipulated to help these terrorists? You can go to YouTube right now and watch videos of terrorists leaders teaching domestic terrorists exactly how to use and manipulate our loose gun laws to accumulate as many of the type of weapons that will deliver the most carnage possible when they carry out their attacks. The information is available on the internet if you would like to learn more. You would be absolutely amazed at all the things you can find on the internet that Fox News doesn't tell you about. It's fascinating. But don't take my word for it, head on over to Google and see for yourself.  
     In closing I want to be clear that I don't live in a fairy tale. I am fully aware that we can't stop these people from killing. What I am saying is that we don't have to make it so fucking easy for them. I fail to see how any of the things that I have mentioned here could seem unreasonable measures in light of what is happening in this world right now. We are at war. It has already started and we need to become aware that we are not doing well so far. We are facing a different type of enemy than we have ever faced and we are not adapting to it very well. We need to rethink our strategy for dealing with what is going on in a lot of ways, but in the end the point that I'm trying to make is that it's clear that something has to be done about gun control in this country. It's also clear that if we cannot come to terms on that fact we are going to be making things a whole lot worse for ourselves in the end. I really hope that if you were undecided about this that I helped you to have a better understanding of it. At the very least I hope that this piece opens up a dialogue about this important issue.



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