This year for the A to Z Challenge I decided to get a little personal with my loyal readers. During this years A to Z we explored 26 of my many pet peeves. I hate almost everything so filling the alphabet was a breeze. Today we are finally to Z so this is the last Pet Peeve of our long, exciting journey. To mark the occasion of our alphabetical whining coming to an end we will be discussing Zits.
     I hate zits. I always have hated zits. Ever since nature blessed me with my very first zit I always hated them very much. They are terrible. They're ugly, sometimes they hurt, they are always gross and full of puss. When I first started getting zits they told me it would pass so I accepted them. But, the thing is, I'm almost 40 and I still have zits so what the actual fuck? I paid my dues. This zit shit's supposed to be over by now. That's why I hate zits.

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