Golf Fairy Joke

     It's Monday and we owe you a joke. We found a good one this week for you so hopefully it helps a little bit to take the sting out of the reality that it's once again time to trudge through another work week again. Anyways... Heres your joke;

    Two guys were playing golf. On the first tee, Jack hit his shot left of the fairway in some buttercups. Bob proceeded to hit his drive straight into the bushes on the right. Jack went to his ball in the buttercups when all of the sudden he heard a 'POOF' and a fairy appeared before him. "I'm Mother Nature and you have damaged my beautiful buttercups with your Golf ball. In punishment for the next month you will not be able to get any butter for anything. I am so upset with you for destroying my creation that I may make it the whole month!" Then, just as suddenly as she had appeared, 'POOF' - she was gone. Jack turned and hollered towards Bob, "Bob, get over here quick!" Bob hollered back at him, "Just a second, I gotta go get my ball from inside that damn batch of pussy willows over there!" Jack heard what Bob had said and lept to his feet to save him, "Nooooo! Just use a new ball Bob! For the love of God, don't you dare hurt those precious Pussy Willows!"

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