Headmistress Joke

     Its Monday again my loyal readers! I know that means that many of you may be bummed. Now, I'm gonna be honest with you, the days of the week don't really mean a whole lot to me. As a comic and Internet comedy writer I tend to forget what day it is quite often. This tends to upset my friends with real jobs that care a whole lot what day of the week it is that I show up drunk on their with a joint and a six pack at 3am.

The Headmistress at an all girls school was lecturing her students on sexual morality."Ladies, we live in very hard times for young girls like yourselves. You will be tempted and when you are ask yourselves this question before you cave into that temptation, Is one hour of pleasure going to be worth spending your eternity in Hell?"A young woman in the back of the room raised her hand and when called on she asked , "Excuse me Headmistress, I don't understand, how do you make it last for a whole hour?"

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