Last to the Party episode 10

Last to the Party,
episode 10
“Welcome to ‘Last to the Party', where I share the funny videos I’m just finding out about with all of you out there  who are as uncool as I am… If you’re not as uncool as me and you’ve already seen this just be cool about it alright?  Just watch it, and laugh politely for whoever is showing you this OK.  You don’t have to be a d*ck”

                Today I’m going to share ‘Sexy Bake Sale - Hot Girls Get Away With Sh*t’ from the YouTube channel LOUD with you guys.  I find these videos fascinating and very funny because they prove that guys are, well, stupid.  We will say and do anything if we think it will get us laid.  Sad, but true.  Need proof?  Watch and laugh at this months funny video.  Just click below...

Thanks for coming to ‘Last to the Party’, we enjoyed your visit.  Come back soon...,


  1. This is such a funny video. I'll bet a pretty girl raising money for breast implants could sell anything. I am a new follower. (If you are on twitter and triberr, I just started a new tribe for funny AtoZs.)

    1. Thanks for your comment and your follow. Now I need to find out what triberr is so I can join your tribe.


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