Hello Shawn, it's evaluation time,

Laughing at Life, 2 just reached 50,000 hits and, we're thrilled, so we wanted to look back at the past and also toward the future of the best comedy source ever, Laughing at Life, 2. 
We've hired Suzy Liddlewitz from a huge comedy consulting firm to give us a review of our blog on the day of this important 50,000 hit milestone.  The following was what Ms. Liddlewitz had to say...

Suzy - "Hello Shawn, have a seat."

Me -"Thanks Mrs. Liddlewitz."

Suzy - "As you know, I'm here today to go over the results of my review of your comedy blog, Laughing at Life, 2."

Me - "Yes, I'm really excited to hear what you think about it."

Suzy - "Well first I'd like to say, I can really tell you've put in a ton of work here at Laughing at Life, 2, there's just so much comedy here?  How much time would you say it takes you to give this blog this much hilarious content?"

Me - "Well Suzy, firstly, thank you for your kind words.  I'm so glad you feel that way.  I really love to make people laugh, even when I can't see them or if they don't even take the time to comment.  So, I really do love doing this but, it's an ass ton of work?"

Suzy - "Well Shawn, I'm sure you have done an ass ton of work on this blog.  It is just crammed completely full of comedy.  My first question would have to be how much money have you made here for all that work?"

Me - "Umm... I've made ten cents since our launch in March 2012."

Suzy - "I'm sorry.  It sounded like you said ten cents.  I must have heard you wrong."

Me - "I wish you had Ms. Liddlewitz.  I've made ten cents of of this blog and haven't even received the ten cents yet."

Suzy - "Wow, you just got a whole lot less hot than you were a second ago.  I was attracted to you for a little while there."

Me - "Wow!  Really?  You were?"

Suzy - "Ya, but not anymore honey.  So, why do you even do this blog if your not making any money for it?"

Me - "Well, I guess I just love to make people laugh Ms. Liddlewitz."

Suzy - "That has got to be the saddest thing I have ever heard in all my years of comedy consultation."

Me - "I'm sorry, I really tried hard to deliver the comedy for my readers here Ms. Liddlewitz."

Suzy - "That apology was the second saddest thing I have ever heard in my whole three years of experience reviewing comedy blogs.  Your blog is full of comedy, that isn't the problem here.  What is turning me off is that your wallet is empty."

Me - "Well, my wallet isn't empty Suzy.  It has at least six dollars in it.  Plus, Ms. Liddlewitz, money isn't everything."

Suzy - "That is what every poor person says.  If you want to separate these knees you have to show me the money honey."

Me - "Nice Jerry Maguire reference Ms. Liddlewitz.  I don't want in your pants though.  I just wanted to get the old blog here reviewed by a huge comedy consultation firm like yours to see how we are doing here at Laughing at Life, 2."

Suzy - "Well to quote the biggest comedy musicians ever, 'The D', I'd have to give Laughing at Life, 2 an A for content but an F+ overall."

Me - "Wow, that sucks Ms. Liddlewitz."

Suzy - "Well Shawn, your poor.  Everything sucks when your poor. Get used to it."


  1. LOL ain`t that the truth the poorer you are the more things suck.


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